Student Support

The pastoral team at Chesterfield High support students and their parents to ensure they are able to focus on attainment and progress. The team strive to maintain exemplary levels of attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress. The well-being of students is of paramount importance and the pastoral team work closely with teaching staff, senior leaders and parents to remove any potential barriers to learning that may exist.

The team is led by Mr Lindley (Assistant Head teacher); he leads his team of Key stage leaders, Progress Leaders and Student Support Managers.

Each Year group has a Progress Leader who is responsible for the pastoral care of the students in their year group. Progress Leaders for each year are as follows.

Key Stage 2 / 3 Leader – Year 6 / 7 / 8 – Mrs P.Allen

Progress Leader Year 9 – Mr J.Lewis

Progress Leader Year 10 – Mr Williams

Key Stage 5 Leader – Year 11 / 12 / 13 – Miss C Bowers

Each year group also has a full-time Student Support Manager who is available throughout the school day to communicate with parents and deal with any queries that parents may have. The student support managers for each year group are as follows.

Year 6 / 7  – Mrs D McCann

Year 8 – Miss A Burns

Year 9 – Miss R Pritchard

Year 10 – Miss S Little

Year 11 – Miss L Jones

Year 12 – Miss R Moore

Year 13 – Mrs L Hughes