School Council

At Chesterfield High School we are very proud of our school council – a group of students elected by students to represent them on school matters. In September each year we have elections for each tutor group followed by the excitement of elections for two year representatives.

Head girl and boy

Head Girl - Emily Lewis

Head Girl – Emily Lewis

Head Boy - Matthew Swinnerton

Head Boy – Matthew Swinnerton

The prestigious role of the head boy and girl is to lead the school council and the prefects and act as the students’ representatives on issues that affect you such as uniform, catering, and even interviewing new teachers! They are also ambassadors for the school and represent us on trips and at events outside the school.

Emily says: “I’m very proud and happy to have been chosen as head girl. I’m really looking forward to playing a bigger part in the school, representing the students and hopefully making changes for the better.”

Matthew  added: “I feel very privileged to have been given the fantastic opportunity to take on the role of Head Boy at Chesterfield High School. Looking ahead, I hope you all take the time to approach me on any matter; good or bad, large or small. I plan on taking an active role in making your time at Chesterfield High School as enjoyable as possible.”

Raising issues

For more information about the school council contact any of the Progress Leaders. If you have any issues about the school that you’d like to be discussed at the school council meetings, contact your year representative who will take them forward on your behalf.

Don’t forget, that as always, you can speak to your form tutor or any member of staff you feel happy to approach about any problems or worries you may have.