Collection of Results:

Chesterfield High School
Post Results Information Summer – 2018
Key Dates Information
16th August 2018


Results available in the Mall from

Year 13 – 8am

Year 12 – 10am


·         Issue of GCE AS BTEC and A Level results

·         Miss Sedley will be available for any concerns regarding destinations.

·         Yr 12 – Mr Loughlin will be available to discuss results and progression to Y13.

A  Students will need to achieve at least an E grade to proceed with an A-level subject to Yr13.

B  Students who don’t achieve a minimum of an E grade cannot study that subject in Y13. Students will have to proceed with 2 A-levels.

C Students who don’t achieve a minimum of an E grade in more than one subject will not be able to start Y13 or restart their A-levels, but may be offered the chance to re-start the 6th form in Y12 on Vocational courses.

23rd August 2018


Results available in the Mall from

Year 11 – 10am

Year 10 – 11am


·         Issue of GCSE and  BTEC Results

·         Staff will be available to discuss any queries with regard to Sixth Form entry.



Following issue of results there are some cases where Student/Parents may wish to request remarks or scripts to be returned. There is a cost associated with this process (approximately £50.00 per script) and any such requests should be submitted in writing to Mrs Vincent/Exams Office in advance of the deadlines below.


21st August – A Level return of scripts.

28th August – GCSE return of scripts.

18th September – Requests for remarks for either GCSE or A Level.

Examination provisional dates:

*PLEASE NOTE* The examination dates contained in these documents are subject to change. Each student will receive a confirmed examination timetable prior to the examination period from the Examinations Officer.

Candidate Information Pack

JCQ Guidelines:

The following documents outline the examination and coursework regulations that all students must follow:

Written examinations

Coursework assessments – GCE and Extended Projects

Controlled assessments

On-screen tests

Privacy Notice

Guidelines when referring to examinations through the internet