Target Setting

Every member of staff will work to achieve the full potential of every student. Whilst at Chesterfield High School, every student is given subject specific targets for subjects they study.
Targets are used to raise the aspirations of students, parents and staff and to track performance and challenge underperformance. Targets are linked to strategies and interventions that will help individual students achieve.

Target Setting Policy

Targets are based on the student’s prior attainment. The target is set using a prior attainment prediction plus an element of challenge when appropriate. Targets are reviewed annually and all students should know and aspire to exceed their targets.
For Key Stage 3 progress grids are used to track performance against age related expectations and within ability bands. In Key Stage 4 minimum targets are set using the latest Progress 8 methodology  and at Key Stage 5 the student’s relevant prior attainment from KS 4 is used as the baseline, and a minimum target set  related to each subject studied. Progress is then monitored against targets.
For Key Stage 3  a report is sent to parents every term showing the progress each student is making towards targets. In Key Stage 4 and 5 reports are provided on a half termly period. Details of effort and behaviour are also included on all year group reports.