We deliver our own scheme of work at Key Stage Three that has been adapted from the Science National Curriculum to best prepare our students for the demands of GCSE and A-Level Sciences.

Through Year 7 and Year 8 the following topics are covered:

Healthy Lifestyle, The Environment, The Human Body, Genetics, The Earth, Chemical Patterns, Chemical Reactions, Waves, Electricity, Energy Forces

Useful websites to support learning include:

www.doddlelearn.co.uk (students have their own account)




Current Pupils in Year 11 study an equal mixture of Biology, Chemistry and Physics to complete either GCSE Separate Sciences or “double award” GCSE Core and GCSE Additional Science. Full specifications can be found here:


Pupils currently in Year 9 and Year 10 and future years will follow a new scheme of work and exam structure and will either be entered for GCSE Separate Sciences or GCSE Combined Science. Both routes will have an equal weighting of Biology, Chemistry and Physics with the following units being covered over the course:

Biology: Cell biology   Organisation  Infection and response   Bioenergetics  Homeostasis and response  Inheritance, variation and evolution   Ecology

Chemistry:  Atomic structure and the periodic table , Bonding, structure and the properties of matter   Quantitative chemistry   Chemical changes   Energy changes   The rate and extent of chemical change   Organic chemistry   Chemical analysis   Chemistry of the atmosphere   Using resources

Physics:  Forces  Energy   Waves   Electricity  Magnetism and electromagnetism   Particle model of matter   Atomic structure



The Science department currently offers the following Science A-Levels (the full specifications can be found by following the hyperlink:

AQA Biology: Topics include– Cells and Disease, Transport and Exchange  A2 Topics – Photosynthesis and Respiration. Genetic and Inheritance and Ecology


AQA Chemistry: Topics include – Chemistry Fundamentals, Organic Chemistry  A2 Topics – Physical Chemistry, Energetics and Further Organic Chemistry


AQA Physics: Topics include – Waves, Quantum Physics, Electricity and Mechanics  A2 Topics – Electric and Magnetic Fields, Dynamics, Circular Motion, Capacitors, Nuclear Physics.


AQA Level 3 Applied Science: Topics include – Science at work, Energy transfer systems, Finding out about substances, medical physics, and sports science.  http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/applied-general/science

AQA Psychology: Topics include – Memory, Abnormality, Research Methods, Social Influence, Biopsychology and Approaches in Psychology


The Science department organises various excursions for our pupils over all Key Stages. Particular highlights include a residential trip organsied by the Biology department to conduct environmental fieldwork studies and a residential stargazing trip organsied by the Physics department. Our A-Level Science students have the option to apply for the Nuffield Science Placement Scheme experiencing cutting edge Science with a university research group over the summer holiday. The Science department currently offers an Astronomy club for our pupils. The school also regularly enters students in local and national STEM competitions.