Topics covered:

Year 7: Ultimate questions, Buddhism, Prophets, Judaism

Year 8: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism

The current specifications studied within KS 4 are: Edexcel examination board.

The non examination RE classes follow the Edexcel GCSE units

Non examination classes 

What Will I Study?

Religion and Life

The study of Christian and Non-Religious attitudes:

Matters of Life and Death Assessment: GCSE style questions

Marriage and the family Assessment: GCSE style questions

Community Cohesion Assessment: GCSE questions

Belief in God Assessment: GCSE style questions

Examination course classes

What will I study ?

Full course overview of content and assessment

  • New 9-1 grading scale with 9 being the top level
  • 2 examination papers each 1 hour 45 mins long
  • Equal weighting for each paper- 50% of total mark
  • 100% external assessment – no coursework.
  • Students must study two religions – Christianity and Islam
  • Each paper will focus on ONE religion i.e. you will sit one examination on Christianity and one on Islam.
Key skillsObjectiveWeighting



Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of religion and belief including:

• beliefs, practices and sources of authority.

• influence of individuals, communities and societies.

• similarities and differences within and/or between religions and beliefs



Analyse and evaluate aspects of religion and belief,

including their significance and influence.



Religion and Ethics


Religion, Peace and Conflict


1. Beliefs – Belief in God1. Beliefs – Belief in Allah
2. Marriage and the Family2. Crime and Punishment
3. Living the Christian Life3. Living the Islamic Life
4. Matters of Life and Death4. Peace and Conflict
50% exam (1 hour 45 minutes)50% exam (1 hour 45 minutes)

Each examination paper will consist of four questions . Each question will be split into parts a, b, c and d following the criterai below :

PartTypeMarksKey Skill
aShort answers3AO1
bOpen response4AO1
cOpen response including religious quotes5AO1
dEvaluation12 (+6 SPaG)AO2

Useful websites to support learning include: (This website includes podcasts, message boards and articles on religion as well as highlighting upcoming religion-focused radio and TV programmes.) (Current articles on religion) (This site is designed to advance research in matters of religion.)

GCSE Booster sessions / homework lunchtime clubs/ Guest speakers to enhance interest and understanding.