Most Able Students

The Chesterfield philosophy is “Cuique Optimum” – for everyone the best. We recognise all students as individuals and aim to provide a consistent approach for them. We are conscious that the most able have as much right to a curriculum that meets their needs and aspirations as all other students. In line with our Equal Opportunities policy our philosophy is to develop a curriculum with enhancement opportunities from which all students will benefit – directly or indirectly.


The aims for the most able students in the school are the same as for all students in the school.  They are to:

·         Identify the needs of  individual students and provide an appropriate and challenging curriculum to meet their needs

·         Provide an education which develops the whole person

·         Provide a safe and secure working environment which is low in stress and high in challenge

·         Offer opportunities to develop the specific skills and talents of our pupils

·         Ensure high standards of conduct, attitude and quality of work

·         Promote the use of higher order thinking skills and creativity

·         Encourage independent learning


We aim to provide:

· Enrichment/extension activities which are pitched at an appropriate level of depth, cognitive and skills challenge.

· A focus on teaching of thinking skills, problem solving, reasoning, decision making and how to process, record and utilise information effectively.

· In conjunction with study skills, an emphasis on research, independent learning and the use of ICT.

· Opportunities for students to work with those of similar abilities.

· Different assessment tasks which allow for high achievement within lessons and as homework activities.

· A curriculum that stimulates, is rigorous and provides challenge for all students.


The most able cohort will also be offered extra-curricular activities to supplement the curriculum including:

· School clubs

· Trips and visits

· Enrichment and extension days, lessons and activities