Monitoring of Performance

In order for a student to achieve their full potential it is essential that students, staff and parents are aware of their progress. Teachers continually assess student progress in lessons. However, with new guidance issued from the government we have, as a school, reviewed and reduced the number of attainment data collection points a year:- for Key Stage 4 to be no more than three a year; for Key Stage 3 to be no more than twice a year.

The Monitoring of Performance (MOP) Report

The report shows the target grade or band for each subject, and current levels of performance. An indication of the student’s behaviour / commitment to studies are also provided. A covering letter helps explain what each of the grades mean and parents are invited to comment or raise any issues of concern either on the reply slip or by contacting the school.

This information, in addition to parents evening, helps provide an accurate picture of the progress of our students, allowing us to work as a team in supporting your child through their education.

MOP report schedule

Year GroupMOP 1MOP 2MOP 3Parents Eve Dates
7JanuaryJune17/10/19 – Curriculum eve