Topics covered:

Year 7: Human and Physical features of the British Isles, Ordnance Survey Map skills,  Coasts Urbanisation, Weather and climate, South America continental study

Year 8:Volcanoes and Earthquake, Globalisation, Rivers , Tourism , Population, Africa continental study

Useful websites to support learning include:

The current specifications studied within KS 4: AQA A ( year 11 2017)

Year 10 :

Topics studied for paper 1: Challenge of natural hazards, the living world and the physical landscapes in the UK.

Topics studied for paper  2: Urban issues and challenges, the changing economic world and the challenge of resource management.

Topics studied for paper 3 : Issue evaluation and fieldwork and geographical skills.

Useful websites to support learning include:

The current specifications studied within KS 5: AQA

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Topics studied at A2 level for current year 13: Plate Tectonics and associated hazards, Contemporary Conflicts and Challenges and World Cities

The new specification for A level consists of new papers

Paper 1 : Physical Geography (water and carbon cycles, coastal systems and hazards)

Paper 2 : Human Geography (global systems and global governance, changing places, contemporary urban environments)

A geographical fieldwork investigation also contributes 20 % of the marks. This is an individual investigation written by the student of between 3000 and 4000 words.

Trips within KS3 study the local and school environment.

Trips within KS4 include an investigation of the impacts of Tourism in a locality; previously this has been carried out in Ambleside. There have also been trips to Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) as enrichment for more able students who have an interest in studying Geography in Higher Education.

Trips at KS5 include an investigation into the coastal zone at Ainsdale. There have also been trips to LJMU and Liverpool Hope University to attend seminars led by university professors and the chief examiner in relation to improving examination performance.

Revision and coursework clubs are provided by the Geography Department to ensure that all pupils fulfill their potential in the subject.