This is what your son or daughter should be doing to prepare themselves for the forthcoming GCSE Examinations:


First and foremost students should be looking at their Personal Learning Checklist (plcs) for each subject and devising a very specific Revision Plan. Pupils are advised to use their preferred method to produce this, whether it be on paper or excel or even using an app for their phones. However it is worth noting that each student does have Google Calendar linked to their school timetable which would also work, especially as reminders can be set and alerts received on their personal devises.


All students in Years 10 & 11 have been given a very focused 100 Day Plan. This includes specific direction of tasks to be completed on a daily basis. Below are the links to this information. Completion of these tasks should be built into their Revision Planner.


We recommend 10 minutes each day on the Apps. These apps are available on Smart Phones and so allows the time management of their usage to be very flexible eg. it can be 10 minutes in the car on their way to school.


The usage of the Apps and 100 Day Plan is not intended to replace revision but supplement it. Revision guides are a useful starting point as are the subject specifications and revision lists. Pupils should be using revision techniques that work for them as one size does not fit all.


Exam Question practice often gets overlooked or left to the last minute. Students should be attempting practice questions as they cover individual topics.

Clean sweep against Litherland

Last week’s netball match against Litherland was postponed due the weather so it was rearranged for Monday 28th January. Some exception play and scores with all 3 teams playing winning and not conceding a goal. 

English and Maths Information Evening

On Tuesday, the English and Mathematics Departments held a joint information evening for Year 10 focusing on the Summer examinations in both subjects. Important aspects of the English Literature syllabus and Mathematics syllabus were shared, with a focus on how best to prepare for the examinations. There will be mock examinations in English Literature and Mathematics for all of Year 10 after the February half term. All information from the event can be found in the attached document:

Amy Winehouse Foundation -Resilience

It is with great pleasure that we have welcomed representatives from the Amy Winehouse Foundation to work with groups in school over the last fortnight as part of their Resilience Programme. They have delivered a range of activities within school including staff training, student assemblies, student workshops and held a parents information event last Monday evening. Following the programme delivery in school they are to work with specific individuals or groups of students who would benefit from their support.

The Amy Winehouse Resilience Programme was first launched in 2013. Delivered in over 200 schools across England, the Resilience programme works with parents, teachers and students to enable students to better manage their emotional wellbeing and make healthy decisions about the use of drugs and alcohol, and how best to handle peer pressure, their self -esteem and risky situations.

Parents play a key role in this process. Attached is a parent’s information booklet that should provide guidance for parents when dealing with these issues with young people.

Performance Tables

At Chesterfield we continue to celebrate our students success from 2018 results. We believe that students deserve the best possible life chances and therefore continue with our policy of entering students for external examinations in both English and Mathematics at the end of Year 10. As a result the performance tables released by the government this week do not report our true data and the great success of our year 11 students last year. I therefore make no apologies in contacting you to let you know that we are in fact the highest performing school in Crosby both on first and best entry data for progress and should actually sit in 5th position on the Sefton performance tables. The results our students achieved based on their year 11 data is shown below 

Chesterfield High SchoolProgress 8 scoreGrade 5 or above in English and Maths GCSEsGrade 4 or above in English and Maths GCSEsAttainment 8
First EntryBelow Average -0.2033%  57%46.2
Final ResultAverage-0.0146% 69%48.1
England State Funded Schools-0.0243%64%46.5

We continue to work hard with all our students and look forward to celebrating the individual success of your child in future years.

Best Wishes

K Sexton

Acting Headteacher

U18s netball team through to Merseyside County finals

The U18’s netball team took part in the Liverpool schools netball tournament at St.Mary’s High School on Wednesday 23rd Janury. The team faced Sacred Heart, St.Mary’s, Range and Merchant Taylor’s.

 As always the girls played with great commitment, determination and played some fantastic netball.  They sailed through to the county finals with a game still to be played. 

The U16s also played getting through their group and playing Holy Family in the semi final; they narrowly lost this but then played Range in the 3rd and 4th play off as the top 3 school qualify. It was a well fought match with some great play from both sides but they lost by 1 goal at the death, finishing 4th and just missing out on qualification.

The county finals will take place at Wirral Grammar Girl’s School on Saturday 2nd March.

KEY STAGE 4 NEWS – 25/1/19


Many thanks to all those who attended the Sixth Form Open Evening. For further enquiries please contact either Miss Moore or Mrs Hughes on 0151 9246454 or email the school directly. Below are the electronic versions of the information that went out.


This week representatives from the Amy Winehouse Foundation and Addaction delivered a powerful presentation to all Year 9, 10 & 11 students. The main feature of the presentation centered on Katie’s journey from the age of 14 and how she developed addictions to alcohol and drugs right through to the present day where she is and has been in recovery for 6 1/2 years. The honest and very frank story allowed students to understand the risks associated with drugs and alcohol. It highlighted the difficulties and traumatic events that addiction can have on the individual concerned, their friends and family.




Years 9 and 10 – wc 11th February 2019

Year 11 – wc 1st April 2019


Years 9 and 10 – wc 18th March 2019P


Years 9 and 10 – wc 17th June 2019


Monitoring of Performance  (dates are provided as a guide and may be subject to change)

Years 9 and 10

MOP2 – 17th January 2019

MOP3 – 28th February 2019

MOP4 – 2nd May 2019

Year 11 

MOP2 – 31st January 2019


MOP4 – 2nd May 2019


  • Year 9 – Thursday 7th March 2019
  • Year 10 – Thursday 4th April 2019
  • Year 11 – Thursday 21st March 2019


If you are not already registered on the school gateway, please follow this link. The Gateway can give you valuable access to information about your child including their timetable and attendance.


If any of your contact details have changed or you would like to add an email address, please contact the appropriate Student Support Manager. This will allow you to log on to the school gateway and access specific school information.

Safer Internet Day 2019

#SaferInternetDay2019 Chesterfield High School is supporting Safer Internet Day 2019

We are joining the global Safer Internet Day campaign to promote the safe and responsible use of technology.

We will be part of a nationwide day of action involving the #SaferInternetDay2019 social media campaign and youth events where young people will have the opportunity to have their say about the issue of consent online.

Find out more and get involved at

‘Together for a better internet’

Red Box available in school

The Red Box Project is a community-based, not-for-profit initiative, which aims to support young people throughout their periods by providing red boxes filled with free period products to local schools.

There is currently a Red Box available in the KS3 office.

The Story

The Red Box Project was founded in March 2017 by three friends who wanted to give young people in their local area access to sanitary products. After reading about ‘Period Poverty‘ in the news, they were angered at the idea that young women were missing out on their education because they couldn’t afford the products they needed during their period.

They decided to take action and contacted several secondary schools in Portsmouth to ask if a constantly stocked box of menstrual product would be welcomed. The feedback from teachers was that the issue was real and the resource was needed.

Recognising that the need was nationwide, they invited individuals from across the country to be a part of this movement and the response was overwhelming. From Scotland to Cornwall as well as overseas, people began to group together, set up Red Boxes filled with tampons, pads, tights and underwear which were then delivered in to local schools. They fundraised, collected, had craft sales and donations drives, all to make sure their boxes never became empty.

For more information: