Earlier this year, five Chesterfield students were given the opportunity to go to Magdalene College, Cambridge University, to explore courses and to see whether the University could be a potential post 18 destination.

On each of the three days during the residential there were various lectures and activities to take part in such as college tours and subject talks. Brief activities during all lecture talks meant that we were interacting with Cambridge students and lecturers, enabling us to talk to the students about general university life. There were four option blocks each day; two different science talks and two different humanities talks to accommodate everyone’s subject interests. I found this very helpful, as did many others, as we were able to explore our different subject interests. We found this a good opportunity to be able to look at the subjects we would like to study in the future. There was also an option for us to swap between the science options and humanities options which could have been an extremely helpful experience if A Level choices were a mix between both.

I would highly recommend any student thinking of applying to university to apply for this residential in following years, it gave an excellent insight into university life; subject choices, applications, student finance and interviews for highly respected and renowned universities as well as the social aspects to every university students life.

From the point of view of all five students involved, it was very beneficial to see what courses are available and delve into the day-to-day life of a student as we were living in student accommodation during our stay. It was a very welcoming environment and we are very thankful for this opportunity!

Sara Bradshaw (Year 12)

Students involved: Sara Bradshaw, Mia Walsh, Olivia Henderson, Daniel Owen and Josh Szymkowicz-Williams


An Ex Chesterfield pupil Tom Pritchard (2010-2017) has set himself the challenge of swimming the English Chanel. Tom who studied Btec sport in the 6th form has always been a keen swimmer but this challenge he something Tom has decided to do to help children suffering with cancer.

Tom says of the challenge

My name is Tom Pritchard and I am 19 years old. I will be attempting to swim the grueling 21 miles across the English Channel in mid-June 2019. The training has been tough but I am delighted to say that 2 weeks ago I achieved the qualifying standard and so come June 21st I am ready to go.

With an average crossing time of 15 hours it’s going to be a challenge to say the least but this pales into insignificance when I compare it to the daily challenges faced by the many families dealing with children with cancer.

I am doing this to help raise as much money as possible for CHICS charity. CHICS is a children’s cancer charity based out of Liverpool that provides support to the families and the children dealing with a cancer diagnosis. With parents having to leave work and support their loved one’s life can be very tough and they can sometimes slip into financial difficulties. The charity provides days out, weekends away, toys, meet and greets and even things like food shopping for the families.

My brother attends Chesterfield high school with a young boy call Cassius. He is only 12 years old and has already been diagnosed with leukemia 3 times in his short life. He is currently waiting for pioneering new treatment to help cure his condition.

Cassius doesn’t complain he gets on with it, in what can only be described as very trying circumstances. He doesn’t have a lot but he makes the most of everything he has and is an inspiration to all around him every day. Any support we could help give Cassius and his family and other children like him will make an enormous impact.

I wanted to take on a challenge that is rarely attempted never mind completed. Did you know that more people have stood on top of Mount Everest than swum across the channel!!! 21 miles in cold water with swarms of jelly fish and huge tankers passing by is what I’ve decided to do. I’m mad but I’m not totally stupid and I’m a strong and keen swimmer. However, this has required hundreds of hours training in and out of water including swimming in temperatures below 16 degrees in lakes, seas and docks which definitely make the challenge a whole lot harder. I’m now excited but apprehensive to what lies ahead!!!

My asks of you…

I’ve set myself a target of raising £20,000 and I know what kind of a difference £20,000 will make to this charity. So how can you help?

Firstly, please share my story and Just Giving page on your social media feeds. I want to reach as many people as possible with my story

 If you are an individual, then please dig deep. Any donation no matter how big or small will go some way to making a difference.

If you are a business, then please consider sponsoring me. I’m a local Liverpool lad doing this for a local Liverpool charity. Any sponsorship will make such a big difference.

There’s more madness to come….

If I am successful in this swim it is my aim to become one of very few people to swim, there and back in ONE SINGLE GO. This is a challenge very few people have ever even considered never mind completed but I’m good to give it a go.

So please, please dig deep and donate what you can to a truly amazing charity. I will do my best to complete my end of the deal and if everyone works together it can make a massive difference to CHICS.

Thank you!

Tom Pritchard



These will be commencing the week beginning 17th June. Details of topics to study can be found on the letter emailed to students or can be downloaded here:


All school bags and coats are to be placed in the Gymnasium prior to an external exam. A link to the recent correspondence regarding the formal exam procedures can be viewed here:


Some Year 11 Students are still required to complete coursework in their Nutrition, LIBF, Music and Btec Sport Courses. These students will be contacted along with their parents. It is imperative that all work is finished to ensure pupils secure grades in these subjects.

A letter including the timetable of lessons and revision sessions for Year 11 has been sent home to parents and carers. The letter also encourages pupils to take advantage of the additional support the school has offered. Below are the details for the week beginning 10th June 2019.

Saturday School will continue for this coming weekend only. School will not be open on Saturday 15th June.



Please download the new Doddle Parent App that allows you to keep track of the work set and when it is due in. Daily notifications remind students when their homework is due, and alert them to any new homework their teacher has set, helping them keep on track. Whether on the train, bus, or in deepest, darkest Peru, students can access all their homework tasks on the go, and view resources through the app! Perfect for revision, or taking self-marking quizzes, students can stay on top of their assignments with the click of a button.


If you are not already registered on the school gateway, please follow this link. The Gateway can give you valuable access to information about your child including their timetable and attendance.


If any of your contact details have changed or you would like to add an email address, please contact the appropriate Student Support Manager. This will allow you to log on to the school gateway and access specific school information.



These will be commencing the week beginning 17th June and will be taking place in the 6th form block. Details of topics to study can be found on the letter emailed to students or can be downloaded here:


Lessons for both Years 12 and 13 will continue throughout the Summer Term. Students are expected to attend fully and to take advantage of the additional support the school has offered. In addition to this, prior to each External Examination a Pre-Exam Revision Session has been organised. Year 13 have been emailed a copy of when there are Intervention Opportunities available. The majority of this support occurs during the school day and students are encouraged to attend as many as possible. The details for both of these are below:

10th JUNE – 25TH JUNE 2019


All school bags and coats are to be placed in the Gymnasium prior to an external exam. A link to the recent correspondence regarding the formal exam procedures can be viewed here:


We have organised a Year 13 Celebration on 27th June in the Cunard Room at The Bentley in Liverpool. We hope Year 13 will come along and celebrate their time at Chesterfield before moving on to the next phase in their lives. All invites were emailed to students and parents; further copies can be obtained from Mrs Hughes in the Sixth Form Block.

Year 8 French Trip

Over the May half term, Year 8 French students visited Houdain in the north of France. During their visit, students visited Boulogne market, a chocolate factory and a snail farm. Students also attended a language lesson and completed a town trail where they worked in teams following directions in French whilst working on their orienteering skills! Later, students visited a local boulangerie where they made their own croissants! Students had a wonderful time practising their French and developing their cultural awareness.


A huge congratulations to footballer Emily Brough (Yr10) who over the Easter break made her England U15 Women’s debut in Belgium, scoring one goal and getting an assist in the 2-0 win against the Belgium side.

Having been selected for many England Camps and having great success with Liverpool FC centre of excellence since a young age, it is great to see that all her hard work and determination has paid off.

Well done, Emily! A fantastic achievement!