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Knife Crime presentations

Dear Parent / Carer,

I would like to inform you that we have a number of guest speakers in school on Monday to speak to our students about the dangers of knife crime. As you are well aware this issue has gained a large amount of press coverage in recent weeks and we are keen for our students to be fully informed to keep themselves and others safe within our communities.

I have attached some information that has been produced to help parents of young people.

If you would like discuss this any further please contact your child’s Progress Leader.

Thank you for your continued support

Mr P.M.Lindley

Bullybusters’ Top Ten Tips

It’s September and it’s back to school! Here’s Bullybusters’ top tips for returning to school – whether you’re starting a new school or going into a new year. It’s great advice too for parents who are looking for the best way to support their children.

Get to know the staff at your school

It’s important to know who your learning mentor, pastoral support and head of year are when returning to school. Getting to know the staff will make things much easier if you ever need to speak to them for any help or guidance throughout the school year.

Remember your “Safe hands”

Bullybusters are very passionate about talking about the idea of “Safe Hands”. These are the 5 people you can count off on one hand that you can trust and speak to when you’re in need of help. Ideally at least 3 of them should be adults over 18. For example you could have 3 teachers at school to choose from so there is always someone you could speak to. The other 2 could be a friend, a sibling or even a pet. You can also use your “Safe Hands” at home when considering who to go to for help.

Don’t be a Bystander

The Bullybusters team often hear how no one wants to be a “snitch”. However, there’s a difference between being a ‘snitch’ and telling an adult what you have seen so that person can be helped. If you’re snitching on someone it’s to get them in trouble. Even if you feel as though you can’t tell the teacher, go and ask that person if they are okay and see if there is anything you can do. Encourage them to ask for some help.

Use the 4 W’s

If you witness bullying in the classroom or the playground, use the 4 W’s to tell an adult about it:

Who was it? What happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen?

Don’t blame yourself, it’s never your fault – Always look to seek help and support if you are being bullied or having a hard time for whatever reason. Talking to someone about what is happening is the best way to resolve the issue.

Use Bullybusters’ Website and Helpline

The Bullybusters’ Website tells you all about the support available from Bullybusters as well as helpful and practical tips.

The Bullybuster’s helpline is open from 3 – 6pm Monday to Friday for children and young people, parents and teachers – 08001696928.

Bullybusters is an anti-bullying initiative funded by Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley Council to deliver lessons, assemblies and an anti-bullying

Read more here: helpline. It is operated by the charity, Local Solutions.

School Gateway

The school gateway is now functional.  Please note that whilst the data is uploaded from the previous week some of the other services may take time to synchronise and show on your app.

All payments are now working and are being received correctly by the school.

Open Evening

Dear Parents,

Open Evening

On Thursday 27th September we are holding an Open Evening for prospective students and parents. As this involves both the preparation of teaching areas and the involvement of a number of students later in the day, the school will close early on the day.

All students will leave at 2:00pm following lunch and a statutory registration period with their Form Tutor.

We have contacted the School Bus companies to request that they reschedule the services, but as they can give no firm guarantee of this, pupils may need to use public transport to get home. If your child has any problem over transport please inform the appropriate Progress Leader or Student Support Manager.

Please sign the appropriate page in your son/daughter’s planner to acknowledge receipt of this letter.

Yours sincerely


Mr S Penney