Tower to Tower – Charity Bike Ride

Day 1:We set off at 5:30 am, epic day covering 135 miles, 10 hours in the saddle, it was so warm. We stayed in Cannock Chase with a final climb up this massive hill😳. The campsite was lovely and it’s the best shower I’ve ever had👌.

Day 2: We left this morning at 6:30 am and I got a puncture, we had it changed and back on the road we are outside Hinckley on the A5, down south we go 🚴🚴🚴👍
Well, well, the weather had won this round, after 90 miles we have jumped on a train to Henley-on-Thames, my goodness it was so warm today. It wasn’t an easy decision but it’s for the best, and I don’t think I could have cycled another 20 miles!!!!!  On a positive note, the campsite is ace, it’s got an outdoor pool, although it was closed when we arrived😢, pie and a drink for t and off to bed 😴😴😴. One last early start then on the ⛴ at 5:30pm.

Attention, attention – new Guinness world record from Henley on Thames to Newhaven, 95 miles in roughly 6hr 30 mins, we are waiting official confirmation.

Day 3: Leaving the campsite at 5:17am😴, we cycled along the Thames to Twyford, Camberley, Guilford down to Brighton before lots of hills into Newhaven. Three punctures in 2 miles did slow us down, but we managed to get back on track.  Spirits definitely lifted when we could see the English Channel, although the rolling hills into Newhaven did test our resolve!!!!!
Morale is still high and we are still talking to each other!!!!!
We arrived at the ferry and had the best cold show ever, now we are chilling on the ferry, tonight we stay in Dieppe and on to Paris for the last day!!!!!
Thanks for all the support it does make a difference, honest……..S4SNS4N

Day 4: We made it!!! It’s been the hardest 4 days ever, but we got to Paris. The sweltering heat,extreme long days or torrential rain with thunder storms didn’t dampen our spirits.
4 days and over 450 miles from Blackpool to Paris has been incredibly difficult, we are exhausted today but can’t wait to get back and see our respected families. Paris thanks for now and maybe next time we’ll be in a camper van to see the final stage of the tour 🤔😜👌🚴💨

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Tower to Tower charity bike ride

Mr Hynes (Geography Department) is cycling form Blackpool Tower to the Eiffel Tower by July 25th.  He is cycling 600 miles to raise money for two children affected by cystic fibrosis who need life changing breathing equipment to make their world a much better place to be.  It will also give their parents and carers the peace of mind that they are getting the best support they can, while they grow and develop.

We are trying to raise £1200 to go towards to a High –Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation which costs £12,000Students are raising money over the next few weeks  in many imaginative ways.  Please support your child and make sure they are involved in an activity and take part in this amazing act of kindness.

You can donate to the fundraising campaign by going to this funding page:

Tower2tower go fund page.


What is cystic fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited condition that causes sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system. This causes lung infections and problems with digesting food.

In the UK, most cases of cystic fibrosis are picked up at birth using the newborn screening heel prick test.

Symptoms usually start in early childhood and vary from child to child, but the condition gets slowly worse over time, with the lungs and digestive system becoming increasingly damaged.

Treatments are available to help reduce the problems caused by the condition and make it easier to live with, but sadly life expectancy is shortened.

Old-style £10 notes

The old-style £10 notes must be spent by March 1, 2018, the Bank of England have confirmed. After this date you will not be able to spend them as they will no longer be legal tender. The cash-loader for school dinners has been updated and will not be accepting old-style notes from this Wednesday.

Chesterfield High School joins NACE

Chesterfield High School has become a member of NACE.  This article outlines the work of NACE and how it will help our school support High Ability Pupils and achieve more in their life at Chesterfield High School.


What does NACE do?

NACE specialises in working with schools and teachers to improve learning for able learners.

Founded in 1983, NACE is recognised nationally and internationally as the UK’s leading independent education organisation in the field of education for able learners.

Through its valuable network of members NACE provides high quality guidance, support and training, enabling teachers to attain the best from able learners in the everyday classroom, whilst enabling all learners to flourish and achieve.

NACE Values

High Ability can be manifested in numerous ways.

NACE is concerned with supporting schools in getting the very best for their able children.  The evidence is now strongly pointing towards the fact that if schools meet the needs of the more able it benefits all.

NACE believes:

Defining ability is complex and evolving.

High ability includes all domains of human achievement

Many children are capable of high achievement given the right opportunities

There should be no ceiling on how many children in a school are defined as highly able

Every school should and can provide opportunities for their highly able to flourish and achieve

NACE and High Ability

Children of high ability may demonstrate all or some of the following:

Able to master the rules of a domain easily and transfer their insights to new problems

Make connections between past and present learning

Work at a level beyond that expected for their age group

Produce original and creative responses to common problems

Shows curiosity, asks questions  and enjoys engaging in debate or discussion

NACE believes that some children may be underachieving because of the lack of opportunities and barriers to learning that they may face.  NACE is committed to empowering teachers to overcome these obstacles.

Recognising High Ability

NACE believes that recognising high ability goes hand in hand with understanding the characteristics of High Ability children and providing opportunities for them to achieve at the highest levels. It is important that a variety of methods is used to support this process. These include:

Teacher observation

Teacher assessment

Generic and subject specific criteria

Progress measures

Parental / self / peer  nomination

Providing for High Ability

NACE believes that the most important factor in turning ability into achievement is the opportunities a school provides within and beyond the classroom to motivate and engage as well as deepen and extend more able pupils’ learning.

Strategies to deepen and extend learning will include:

Tasks and questioning which involve analysis, synthesis and evaluation

Tasks which require problem solving, enquiry, critical thinking and research skills

‘Rich’ tasks and ‘mastery’ approaches

Tasks and assessment which encourage metacognition and talking about the learning process

Tasks and classroom management which encourage the use and development of independence and choice

Encouragement of transfer of knowledge and transfer across disciplines

More advanced and conceptually difficult content

Consideration of ‘big ideas’, the identification of trends and patterns and analogising

The use of higher order technical and disciplinary discourse

World AIDS day

Big thank you to all the staff and students who have made this week so successful.
We raised £230 on the sale of red ribbons!! Thanks to the sixth formers who relentlessly went from form to form making it happen.

It was great to see so many students and staff support the campaign and wear the red ribbon with pride. Also to hear their conversations about the importance of raising awareness and having the ribbon on would make all of us proud of them.

Thanks again

Mr Sexton

Deputy Headteacher

Year 9-10 Exam Timetables

The documents below contain the dates, times and arrangements for the mock examinations and intervention sessions that will be taking place in the final weeks of this autumn term.

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

As you will appreciate, these examinations will contribute to the school’s decision on which tier of entry your child will be entered for in the official examinations and this will have a direct effect on the final grade they will receive. Therefore, attendance all week is expected. In the case of an absence, the school will require medical evidence, otherwise it will be unauthorized.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. K Sexton

Duke of York – Digital Enterprise

@TheDukeOfYork @idea_award The first student to complete the Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) is Daniel Brown.

Learners take part in a series of challenges in order to win awards. For every new skill and learning experience mastered, iDEA learners are awarded a digital badge. Each badge carries a number of points. When participants earn enough points, they are awarded the Bronze, Silver or Gold Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award.

There are badges which can help you to be safe online, and pick up tips and techniques on topics such as web design, cyber security, cloud computing, animation and how to use colours in digital creations.

This will be launched to all Year 9 students this year.