Admissions to Year 7 from Primary school

Chesterfield High School employs the Admissions Department at Sefton Council to administer its admissions to Year 7 from primary school. For full details of the admissions criteria and the process for application please visit the Sefton Council website  For further information you can also telephone the Admissions department directly on 0151 934 3251.

Parents / Carers are invited to contact school directly at any time for further information and to arrange a visit. They should telephone Mrs P Allen at school if they would like to discuss any aspect of admission to Year 7.

For information regarding the proposed admission changes for 2017, please follow the link below:

Due to the number of applications being made for admission into Year 7 for September 2018, the Pupil Admission Number for this year will be increased from 203 to 224.

Admissions to other year groups and to Year 7 once the academic year has begun

Parents should contact Mr B Oulton at school in the first instance.

Admission number

Chesterfield High School is the Admissions Authority for Chesterfield High School.  It is responsible for allocating places at the school in accordance with the published admission arrangements.  These arrangements are established in accordance with the School Admissions Code 2014 and Annex 1 of the Academy’s Supplemental Funding Agreement.

Admission Number: Chesterfield High School has an agreed Published Admission Number (PAN)of 224 for entry into Year 7.  The school will accordingly admit up to 224 students in those year groups, if sufficient applications are received.

All applicants for Years 8 and 9 will be admitted up to a maximum of 224 students.  Year 10 will be admitted up to a maximum of 189 students and Year 11 will be admitted up to a maximum of 182, if sufficient applications are received.

There is a right of appeal when an application is refused.

Oversubscription criteria

The oversubscription criteria applied by Chesterfield High School may be found in the Sefton Council document named above.

Admission appeals

Sefton Local Authority handles admissions on behalf of Chesterfield High School.
Information regarding the appeals process is available on the Sefton website.