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Chesterfield High School

Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour for Learning

Chesterfield High School is a good school with excellent teaching and examination results. We aim to ensure that all children can learn and succeed in a happy, safe and caring environment.

We ask parents to support us by:

  • Upholding the school’s aims and ethos
  • Agreeing and signing a Home School Contract which outlines the responsibilities the school the parents and the child
  • Attending the school on request if there is an issue to be discussed
  • Never seeking to undermine the school’s authority on the implementation of school rules for example the use of mobile phones

Governing Body and Headteacher

The governing body and Headteacher will establish the policy for good behaviour and review it every year. They will consult with staff and parents and ensure that it meets the high expectations expected of everybody involved in the school. The Headteacher will be responsible for implementing the policy and will uphold the school rules fairly and equally.

All staff will be responsible for ensuring good discipline and behaviour in lessons, around school and going to and from school.


The vast majority of our pupils are well behaved and positive in their attitudes; this is supported by Ofsted reports and by all the visitors and external agencies who we work with.
However sanctions need to be used if and when poor behaviour takes place. There is a graduated scale of consequences depending on the severity of the offence and this will include detentions. If a child is poorly behaved they know there is a consequence for their choices/actions.
Fixed term exclusions are used sparingly and only in severe cases. Permanent exclusions will be used in matters of serious misbehaviour or where the safety of pupils and staff is at risk.


Further detail is included in our Behaviour Policy:

CHS Behaviour & Discipline Policy

Learning Behaviour Newsletter 2022