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Chesterfield High School



Our success will be measured both by excellent examination (Currency) results and also the extent to which we provide an environment in which students can personally develop (Character) . To achieve this, we have created a school where: Every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential through lessons that are academically challenging and engaging. (Culture)

  • There is an enthusiasm for learning, an encouragement of effort and a celebration of success; fairness, hard work and discipline are respected by all;
  • There is outstanding provision for extra-curricular activities;
  • Students feel valued and are an active member of the community;
  • Students are well-equipped for a happy life in a diverse and changing society.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced offering learning across the full range of subjects, and personalised appropriately to meet individual needs.

At A level a very wide range of academic and vocational subjects are successfully delivered, with improving academic success. There have always been high rates of university entrance, with  ever more students attending Russell group universities.

The GCSE results are strong and consistently above the national average and make us one of the best performing schools in Sefton.

Our extra-curricular provision provides exciting and diverse opportunities for all, especially in the arts and in sport, as well as a wide range of activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh awards. We are a Holocaust Beacon School, working across the North West to learn lessons from the past to inform us in how we build a better world for the future. Many students represent the school at local, regional and national (and sometimes international) level. The school places great emphasis on developing the quality of teaching and increasing standards for learning. Students are expected to participate actively in their learning journey, by working enthusiastically, inquisitively and independently both in class and with homework.

Teachers track the progress and achievement of all students and provide additional guidance and support when needed. A student’s tutor is normally the first point of home-school contact. It is very important to us that our students are happy and secure and that their school life is a memorable experience which will form the basis of a rich and rewarding later life. We have the highest expectations of our students and continually look for opportunities to widen their horizons and encourage their ambitions. This website will give you just a flavour of what we have to offer but there is no better way to judge a school than to come and visit.

I hope you will do so and I look forward to meeting you.

Kevin Sexton