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Chesterfield High School



Academic study is only part of the experience. At 6@CHS we provide a plethora of leadership and enrichment opportunities. Our students are role models for younger year groups and so are encouraged to lead by example and develop their personal qualities. Our student presidents and panel have an active voice in influencing the opportunities that students encounter, including termly social events. All students participate in ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’, where they choose from a range of activities designed to boost their physical and mental health. Students are encouraged to volunteer, either through mentoring younger students in school through activities such as reading or sports coaching or out of school in the wider community. There are also a range of trips that students can choose to attend close to home and further afield…

Duke of Edinburgh

These hugely popular Silver and Gold Award schemes play a very important part of many of our Sixth Formers’ lives. A team of dedicated staff organise challenges, trips and expeditions. Students also undertake service components, which help them develop skills as team players and leaders.

Trips and Visits

Students at Chesterfield have plenty of opportunities to support and extend their studies and personal experience through the wide choice of trips and visits on offer to them during their time in Sixth Form. Recent visits have included New York, Cern, Austria, Poland, Paris, London and field trips across the country.


We’re proud of our sport facilities, and our teams regularly compete at local, regional and national levels. Paired Reading Programme All of our students become mentors to pupils in main school and as a part of their Year 12 study programme become involved in the highly successful and enjoyable Year 7/8 literacy programme.

Student Leaders

The Sixth Form Senior Students play an active role in chairing the Student Leadership Team (SLT). They lead on assemblies, speak at parent information evenings and help students at every level to shape their school.

Active Citizenship

A vast majority of our students take part in some form of active citizenship. This is a chance to work outside the school community, developing work-based skills, independence and to contribute something to the life of the town

Work Shadowing

Many students do not know when they start Sixth Form what career they will ultimately follow. In Year 12 you will take part in a work-shadowing scheme to allow you to experience and explore possible future career paths and employment opportunities. This is not the same as work experience, which is the experience of the workplace and generic skills for the working environment. Work-shadowing is about finding out about a specific career, and because you are over 16, you are able to participate at a different level.

Nuffield Bursaries

Every year a team of Year 12 students undertake exciting research projects at Manchester University as part of the Nuffield Bursary Scheme. The scheme pays the students an allowance, and students then deliver a presentation at the Celebration Day in November. Recently students have completed projects on Particle Physics, Medical Physics and Radiography, all of which will have a huge impact on their university applications and personal statements.

University Links

Our students work with university departments to extend their knowledge and understanding, and to help bridge the gap between Sixth Form and Higher Education. Universities also play an active role in your life in school.

Oxbridge and the Sutton Trust

US Programme Students achieve academic success at Chesterfield High School with many attaining grades that allow them to access the most competitive and famous universities both in the UK and America. Students are actively encouraged to aim high and every year we have students who apply and are successful in attaining a place at Oxford or Cambridge.