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Chesterfield High School


Sixth Form Expectations

Sixth Form students at Chesterfield High School will be expected to behave responsibly and act as a role model to all the pupils on the site. Student conduct in and around school should reflect a Sixth Formers age and position as a senior in the school. We require students to act as role models in all that they say and do so that the good name of Chesterfield High School is upheld and maintained.

Sixth Form Dress Code

All students are to wear:

  • Full length trousers or knee length skirts to be fitted to the waist or tailored suit dresses. Black, dark navy or flesh coloured tights are to be worn with skirts – patterned or fashion tights are not permitted
  • A plain black, grey, navy or pastel/white colour shirt with a plain dark tie of a subtle pattern or a smart blouse with a collar of any subtle pastel colour – vest tops, t-shirts or tops revealing too much flesh are not permitted
  • A black, grey or navy two-piece suit jacket to be worn with pants/skirt. Alternatively, a black, grey or navy crew/v-neck jumper, or office cardigan can be worn instead of a suit jacket. Sport/alternative jackets are not permitted. Shirt or blouse top alone is not permitted except in the Summer term
  • Footwear should be formal and dark in colour with shoes no higher than 3 inches. Dark ankle boots can only be worn with trousers – no pumps, trainers, walking or knee length boots, such as ‘UGG’ boots, are permitted
  • Coats can be worn to and from school but are not to permitted within the school building – no denim, ‘hoodies’ or jackets with large logos are permitted

 Hair and Jewellery

  • Unconventional hair styles and extreme and unnatural hair colours are not acceptable. Hair styles are expected to be of a natural hair colour and overall hair length no shorter than a number 2. Any style that obscures the face is not permitted
  • No facial jewellery allowed - except a small nose stud
  • Strictly one pair of stud earrings
  • Ear lobe stretchers are not permitted
  • Tattoos must be covered
  • A discreet amount of make-up may be worn
  • All nails must be of a short length



Students are expected to bring an appropriate bag to accommodate their study materials

Sixth Form Students are expected to exercise mature judgement in their choice of attire. The Head of School has the final decision upon what is and is not suitable attire for the Sixth Form. Students who arrive at school wearing items not permitted within the dress code will be asked to go home and change into suitable clothing


Level 3 Qualifications are rigorous courses, therefore maintaining an excellent attendance and punctuality record is a prerequisite for academic success. Exemplary attendance for University applications, work placements or apprenticeship schemes is crucial and is therefore a priority for all Sixth Formers. All students are required to be on site for 8.30am until 1.10pm. During independent study periods students are expected to undertake their work. We expect students to be self managers when it comes to their own learning and using time wisely. Where students are flagged as being behind with their work a directed and more structured timetable will be enforced. Students should not make appointments during the school day and parents are required to report any absence before 8.50am each day. Pupils are not permitted to self-certify. Any request for an absence must be completed and signed by a parent or carer. This should be handed directly to either the Year 12 or 13 Student Support Manager.

Poor attendance and punctuality will instigate procedures which affect the completion of courses chosen.