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Chesterfield High School

School Dinners

School Dinners

Allergies / Dietary Requirements

Please ensure that we are aware of any dietary requirements or particular allergies so that they can be communicated to our catering staff.

Please use one of the contact methods on the Contact Us page to inform us.

Cashless Catering

Please note that we operate a fully cashless system and all payments should be made online via the schoolgateway.

New Year 7 students will be allowed to make purchases on their account in advance of their parents registering to make payments.

All students that are eligible for Free School Meals will have credits automatically added to their account daily.

Lost/Missing Cards

In the event of a student losing their cashless card they should inform their Student Support Manager as soon as possible so that a replacement card can be requested. Replacement cards cost £1.00 and will be charged to the schoolgateway account.