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Chesterfield High School

Transition to Year 7

Transition to Year 7

Making the Move from Primary to Secondary School

All teachers and parents are aware that the move from primary to secondary school can be quite a daunting experience for most children. At Chesterfield High School we fully appreciate that this is a very important time and that it can often be quite stressful for families. We aim to ensure that we make the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 as stress free and smooth as possible and have shown our commitment by having a full time designated Transition Leader in school (Mrs P Allen).  Mrs Allen is supported by Miss Parker who is the Progress Leader for Year 7 and Miss Barnett who is the Associate Progress Leader.  As a school we believe that this allows maximum continuity for pupils who will already have spent time getting to know Mrs Allen while in primary school.

We have established excellent working relationships with all local primary schools and our teachers regularly visit schools and assist in lessons, with pupils also visiting us here at Chesterfield to take part in numerous curriculum taster sessions. Both schools also work closely to ensure that continuity of curriculum delivery does not suffer during transition and precious time is not wasted re-visiting Key Stage 2 work at the start of Year 7.

Meetings with class teachers throughout Year 6 give us the opportunity to discuss each child individually giving us an insight into their ability, behaviour, their likes and dislikes and overall general personality. This is key information for the pastoral team at the beginning of Year 7 when building strong relationships with all pupils is the key focus. We also ensure that any vulnerable children receive the necessary intervention required before transition to assist them in their move.

All students will attend an Induction Day during the summer term when they will meet their form tutors and other class members. This gives the children the opportunity to look around the school again and familiarise themselves with some of the routines that we have adopted here at Chesterfield. The students Induction day is then followed by a Parents/ Carers Consultation Evening when the Headteacher and Senior Leaders will familiarise Parents/ Carers with the expectations of the school and give a brief introduction to the Year 7 curriculum.

Mrs Allen and the Pastoral Team also run a Summer School during the summer holidays which ALL pupils starting in Year 7 are invited to. The school strongly advises that pupils attend part if not all of the Summer School to assist with their transition to school in September. This years Summer School for Year 6 transitioning to Year 7 will take place from Tuesday 29th August 2023 to Friday 1st September 2023.

The key focus of the Transition Leader is to ensure that starting at Chesterfield High School in Year 7 is an enjoyable experience for all pupils.  Our staff are also available to meet with parents or simply chat on the phone if you have any questions or concerns with regards to your child starting in Year 7 with us.

Parent Information evening for parents in 7A - 7F will take place on Monday 3rd July at 5pm - 6pm

Parent Information evening for parents in 7G - 7L will take place on Monday 3rd July at 6pm - 7pm

The first day of term for Year 7 is Tuesday 5th September 2023


New Year 7 students should assemble on the Basketball Court at the front of school by 8.25am.


In September your son or daughter will begin their time at Chesterfield in a mixed ability tutor group in which they usually remain for the next five years. This system allows the tutor to build up a detailed knowledge of your child and also provides you with a clearly identified point of contact if you have any concerns, ensuring the continuity and stability we think is so vital for success.

Your child’s Progress Leader is Miss Parker assisted by Miss Barnett, Associate Progress Leader. Together they are responsible for leading form tutors and Pastoral staff in Year 7.

They are supported by Miss M Sherrocks and Mrs L Hughes,  Year 7 Student Support Managers. Together they work to ensure your son or daughter makes academic progress and feels happy and safe at school.

Keeping you informed

For your son or daughter to be successful at school it is vital that we all work together. We believe in keeping in contact to share achievements and raise any concerns as soon as they arise. As always, if at any time you feel you need to talk to us about any aspect of your child’s progress, please contact the school.


You will receive a report each term about your son or daughter’s achievements. One is a full report, the others are progress reports.

Parents’ Consultation

During the first term we will hold a Curriculum Evening for Year 7 parents. This meeting will give you the chance to find out about the key subjects your son or daughter is taking and how you can support your child’s progress. The most important point to remember is that we operate an ‘open school’ policy. You are welcome to come into school at any time if you have any concerns about your son/daughter – academic or social and Miss Hughes will endeavour to meet with you.

If at all possible however, please try to make an appointment so that we can ensure that you speak with the most appropriate person.

Appointments are made by contacting  the Student Support Office.


Audio recording of summer book