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Chesterfield High School



Admissions to Year 7 from Primary school

Sefton Local Authority coordinates school admissions on behalf of all schools in Sefton.  As an Academy, Chesterfield High School is its own admission authority and determines its own admission criteria, however, the school has commissioned Sefton Local Authority to administer and apply its admission criteria on behalf of the Governors for admission to Chesterfield High School.

Admissions for September 2024

For full details of the admissions criteria and the process for application please visit the Sefton Council website: 




Closing Date for applications to start Secondary School is 31 October 2023

 You can also telephone the Sefton Admissions Department directly on 0151 934 3590.

Parents / Carers are invited to contact school directly at any time for further information and/or to arrange a visit.  They should telephone Mrs P Allen at school if they would like to discuss any aspect of admission to Year 7.


Admissions to other year groups and to Year 7 once the academic year has begun

Parents should contact  school in the first instance.

All those applying for admission outside the normal admission round will be considered in accordance with the same criteria as those applying for entry at the usual time.

Details of the In Year admissions process can be found on the following link: 


Admission number

Chesterfield High School is the Admissions Authority for Chesterfield High School.  It is responsible for allocating places at the school in accordance with the published admission arrangements.  These arrangements are established in accordance with the School Admissions Code 2014 and Annex 1 of the Academy’s Supplemental Funding Agreement.

The Published Admission Number (PAN) (this is the number of pupils the school will admit up to, if sufficient applications are received is 270) for Year 7. Due to the significant number of applications received, the Governing Body agreed to admit over the Published Admission number. The published admission number for the school for 2023, 2024 was 277. Operational numbers for Years 8-11 are as follows:

  • Year 8      310
  • Year 9      288
  • Year 10    267
  • Year 11     236

There is a right of appeal when an application is refused.

Oversubscription criteria

The oversubscription criteria applied by Chesterfield High School may be found in the Sefton Council document named above.

Admission appeals

Sefton Local Authority handles admissions on behalf of Chesterfield High School.  Information regarding the appeals process is available on the following Sefton website:


In-Year Fair Access Protocols

The Governing Body will admit a child to Chesterfield High School where it is requested by Sefton Local Authority under Fair Access Arrangements, even when admitting such a child would exceed the normal admission number.

Repeat Applications

There must be a minimum of 12 months between repeat applications unless there has been a significant change in circumstances.

Changes to Admission Criteria - September 2025

In accordance with statutory requirements, Sefton Local Authority is now consulting on the proposed admission arrangements for primary community, voluntary controlled & some academy schools, plus secondary academy schools (for whom the LA administers the admission arrangements on behalf of the school) for September 2025 entry. The proposed schemes have now been published on the Sefton website and can be found at:  www.sefton.gov.uk/schooladmissionspolicyandreports

 If the above link does not work you may need to copy & paste the address into a web browser such as Edge or Chrome. You may also need up to date Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF document.

The consultation period for both schemes will run from 13 November 2023 until 17 January 2024.



 Note: If the above link does not work the address may need to be copied & pasted into a web browser such as Edge or Chrome. You may also need up to date Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF document.