RSE Workshops

On Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th March, our Year 9 and Year 12 students will all be involved in RSE workshops on consent, rape & harrassment and pornography education in line with the DFE’s guidance on the revised RSE curriculum.  A brief outline of the workshop content can be seen below. 

Consent, Rape & Harassment Workshop

The consent, rape & harassment workshopwill discuss common terms associated with consent such as what constitutes rape and sexual abuse and how harassment includes behaviours such as unwanted kissing, groping, flashing, stalking and sexually explicit comments.

It will also cover how the law defines and deals with rape, sexual assault and harassment and how sexual crimes may be underreported due to stigma and a culture of victim blaming.

Pornography Education Workshop

The pornography education workshop has been sensitively designed and will be sensitively delivered to raise awareness of the existence of pornography and its dangers.  The materials and language used will be age-appropriate and non-explicit to ensure students are able to engage with the themes and principles connected with pornography without being upset or shocked in any way.