Peripatetic Music Lesson Announcement

We are pleased to offer peripatetic music lessons (in addition to timetabled whole class Music lessons) on any instrument including strings, guitar, woodwind, brass, percussion (drums), piano and voice.

Peripatetic music lessons are a fantastic opportunity to learn skills for life and to gain qualifications along the way. Employers value extra-curricular achievement in music because it demonstrates the LORIC principles (leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication) to achieve success.

Lessons are taught weekly throughout the year by visiting Music specialists from Sefton Music Service and can be individual or in small groups. Pupils follow recognised examination board syllabuses to improve musicianship skills and proficiency and are entered for examinations when recommended by their teacher (usually annually).

If you are interested in receiving peripatetic music lessons, please collect a letter from the Head of Music to return in September. New students to this service will then be offered two-week taster sessions on their chosen instrument to decide if they wish to continue or change instrument. After this period a financial commitment is required.