Earlier this year, five Chesterfield students were given the opportunity to go to Magdalene College, Cambridge University, to explore courses and to see whether the University could be a potential post 18 destination.

On each of the three days during the residential there were various lectures and activities to take part in such as college tours and subject talks. Brief activities during all lecture talks meant that we were interacting with Cambridge students and lecturers, enabling us to talk to the students about general university life. There were four option blocks each day; two different science talks and two different humanities talks to accommodate everyone’s subject interests. I found this very helpful, as did many others, as we were able to explore our different subject interests. We found this a good opportunity to be able to look at the subjects we would like to study in the future. There was also an option for us to swap between the science options and humanities options which could have been an extremely helpful experience if A Level choices were a mix between both.

I would highly recommend any student thinking of applying to university to apply for this residential in following years, it gave an excellent insight into university life; subject choices, applications, student finance and interviews for highly respected and renowned universities as well as the social aspects to every university students life.

From the point of view of all five students involved, it was very beneficial to see what courses are available and delve into the day-to-day life of a student as we were living in student accommodation during our stay. It was a very welcoming environment and we are very thankful for this opportunity!

Sara Bradshaw (Year 12)

Students involved: Sara Bradshaw, Mia Walsh, Olivia Henderson, Daniel Owen and Josh Szymkowicz-Williams