On Monday 18th March we welcomed a range of visitors in school to speak with students and continue our endeavour to keep children safe both in school and in the local community.

The main presentation was lead by Alan Walsh whose campaign #realmendontcarryknives has now reached over 30,000 children in the Merseyside area. He has combined his experience as a community youth worker, boxing coach and latterly targeted work in the prevention of youth violence to create a very hard-hitting and poignant presentation. He was able to describe to our students a number of ‘real-life’ cases where young people have become embroiled in dangerous and potentially fatal altercations and provide very simple strategies to avoid such situations.

We were told of the situation where our former student Sam Cook lost his life whilst celebrating his 21st Birthday. His Mum and Dad made an emotional return to school for the first time since Sam’s year 11 prom. Amazingly they were able to inform us of the utter devastation knife crime can have and has had on them and their family over the past 16 months. Our students really connected with their words and many sought Alan & Gill out after the presentation to pass on their condolences and assured them they would do all they could to prevent knife crime.

We were also joined by 2 police officers, they with Alan Walsh outlined the legality of ‘carrying a knife’ which can result in a custodial sentence of up to 5 years. They also provided some startling statistics including facts about those who have carried a knife and sustained injuries from that particular blade in 90% of cases.

We continue to promote well-being and safety in a range of situations and topic areas as we help our youngsters navigate the complexities of childhood.

Mr P.M.Lindley