Key Stage 4 News – 15/3/19


We are organising Easter Revision Courses to assist students who would benefit from extra tuition over the holidays.

The following subjects will be available: Mathematics, English, Science, Spanish and History. They will take place at Chesterfield High School during the first week of the Easter break. The study time will be in three hour sessions and these have been tiered or focused on particular groups of students to ensure we maximise the impact of the work the students undertake. Morning classes begin at 9am promptly and afternoon classes start at 12 noon promptly, unless stated on the table. The classes will be very intensive and examination-orientated, workshop sessions and examination practice.

We have found that students benefit enormously from a concentrated period of revision, free from distractions and in the company of similar students. The opportunity to focus on particular areas of difficulty in small groups is especially useful.

Please complete the tear off slip on the letter provided (a further copy can be downloaded from the link below) informing us which sessions you wish you child to attend.  In some cases you will be contacted by members of staff who feel it is necessary that your child attends a specific revision session to ensure they achieve their target grade in the summer exam period, or if you would like further information, please contact Miss R Moore on 0151 9246454.


Once again the school will be open on Saturdays leading up to the external examinations. Years 10, 11 and 13 students are encouraged to come in and use the facilities and resources available to support their preparation.

Saturday School Open Letter 2019


Both Years 10 and 11 have been issued with the part 2 of the 100 Day Plan booklet. These documents provide a list of revision tasks to complete each school day and are designed not only to support examination preparation but to promote organisation for individuals. Pupils should be aiming to keep up to date with these specific tasks alongside using the different apps and completing their own personalized revision. 

Year 10 & 11 100 Day Plan – Part 2


The Year 11 Prom has now been booked and will be taking place on Tuesday 2nd July at Formby Hall. Students are now focused on collecting their stamps for the Passport to the Prom by attending intervention. Next week English Intervention will be worth double!


Year 11 – wc 25th March 2019


Years 9 and 10 – wc 25th March 2019


Years 9 and 10 – wc 17th June 2019


Years 9 and 10

MOP4 – 2nd May 2019

Year 11 


MOP4 – 2nd May 2019


  • Year 10 – Thursday 4th April 2019
  • Year 11 – Thursday 21st March 2019


Please download the new Doddle Parent App that allows you to keep track of the work set and when it is due in.

With the new Doddle app, students can manage all their homework in one place, with their own personalised To Do list!

Daily notifications remind students when their homework is due, and alert them to any new homework their teacher has set, helping them keep on track.

Whether on the train, bus, or in deepest, darkest Peru, students can access all their homework tasks on the go, and view resources through the app! Perfect for revision, or taking self-marking quizzes, students can stay on top of their assignments with the click of a button.


If you are not already registered on the school gateway, please follow this link. The Gateway can give you valuable access to information about your child including their timetable and attendance.


If any of your contact details have changed or you would like to add an email address, please contact the appropriate Student Support Manager. This will allow you to log on to the school gateway and access specific school information.