This is what your son or daughter should be doing to prepare themselves for the forthcoming GCSE Examinations:


First and foremost students should be looking at their Personal Learning Checklist (plcs) for each subject and devising a very specific Revision Plan. Pupils are advised to use their preferred method to produce this, whether it be on paper or excel or even using an app for their phones. However it is worth noting that each student does have Google Calendar linked to their school timetable which would also work, especially as reminders can be set and alerts received on their personal devises.


All students in Years 10 & 11 have been given a very focused 100 Day Plan. This includes specific direction of tasks to be completed on a daily basis. Below are the links to this information. Completion of these tasks should be built into their Revision Planner.


We recommend 10 minutes each day on the Apps. These apps are available on Smart Phones and so allows the time management of their usage to be very flexible eg. it can be 10 minutes in the car on their way to school.


The usage of the Apps and 100 Day Plan is not intended to replace revision but supplement it. Revision guides are a useful starting point as are the subject specifications and revision lists. Pupils should be using revision techniques that work for them as one size does not fit all.


Exam Question practice often gets overlooked or left to the last minute. Students should be attempting practice questions as they cover individual topics.