KEY STAGE 3 NEWS 01.02.19

Holocaust Memorial Day

This week Years 7 and 8 attended a most thought provoking assembly to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday 27th January. Students listened to online stories from survivors and heard of the horrors of the concentration camps. A group of survivors also gave students a challenge which they have taken on board with great enthusiasm. Survivors fear that as the generation of Holocaust Survivors become older and pass away, the atrocities will be forgotten and not known by future generations. The challenge has been to design a poster to show that they will never be forgotten. All students in Key Stage 3 have designed posters which will be displayed in the Mall on a Wall of Remembrance over the next few weeks.

Year 8 Parents’ Evening and Options Evening

The Year 8 Parents’ Consultation and Options Information Evening takes place in school on Thursday 28th February from 4pm-7pm. Parents and Carers should have received information about this and it is imperative that students are represented during the evening, not only to receive feedback on students” progress and recent assessments, but also to ensure that option choices are made knowledgeably.


Can I please remind Parents and Carers of the importance of excellent attendance in school at all times. Although the weather is becoming increasingly colder and more bad weather is due, it is imperative that students attend school and continue to make excellent progress to secure their futures.

P Allen

Key Stage 3 Leader