Amy Winehouse Foundation -Resilience

It is with great pleasure that we have welcomed representatives from the Amy Winehouse Foundation to work with groups in school over the last fortnight as part of their Resilience Programme. They have delivered a range of activities within school including staff training, student assemblies, student workshops and held a parents information event last Monday evening. Following the programme delivery in school they are to work with specific individuals or groups of students who would benefit from their support.

The Amy Winehouse Resilience Programme was first launched in 2013. Delivered in over 200 schools across England, the Resilience programme works with parents, teachers and students to enable students to better manage their emotional wellbeing and make healthy decisions about the use of drugs and alcohol, and how best to handle peer pressure, their self -esteem and risky situations.

Parents play a key role in this process. Attached is a parent’s information booklet that should provide guidance for parents when dealing with these issues with young people.