Sixth Form News – 16/11/18


In line with the National focus of CHOOSE RESPECT, we were delighted to have Rob Partington from Stonewall present his story to Year 13 students during their communal time. Rob’s powerful, honest and thought provoking story allowed students and staff to contemplate the issues the LGBT+ community has to deal with on a daily basis. Hard facts alongside some simple and straightforward advice allowed individuals to reflect on how small changes, especially in terms of choice of  language, can help to achieve acceptance without exception. Mr Foster followed this up with an Assembly on Thursday where the focus this time was respecting the opinion of others when it differs to your own.


As part of the Year 12 Enrichment Programme, students will be attending a workshop at the Student Unite building in Liverpool on Monday 19th November. The workshop, entitled LEAP, draws from a panel of recognized experts who pull together insights and recommendations to give to students.


Year 13 now have 2 weeks to submit their UCAS applications to the school as the internal deadline is 30th November. This will then allow time for the academic references to be collated and added to each student’s application. There is a UCAS administration fee of £24 which students are required to pay via the school in order for their application to be sent. Details of this have been sent home; a copy of the letter is available here: UCAS Application Fee. All students who are applying will have a designated Sixth Form Tutor assigned to them to support them through the final stages of their application.


As Year 12 Parents’ Evening is approaching (29th November), can we remind students to ensure appointments are secured with members of staff and that the reply slips are returned to Miss Moore in the Student Support Office by Friday 23rd November.

Charity Fund Raising

The Sixth Form Students are playing a pivotal part in promoting community involvement and charity fund raising in school. Congratulations to Form 12B who sold a record breaking four boxes of Poppies on behalf of the British Legion in time for Remembrance Sunday.

Very soon, week beginning 26th November, 12A will be marking World Aids Day by selling the ribbons for Aids Awareness and Form 12C will be promoting Christmas Jumper Day on 14th December in order to raise money for Save the Children.

Finally in December, Year 13 forms will be organising the annual donations for the Whitechapel centre, a Liverpool homeless charity. Each year, the pupils are generous in supporting these charities and it is hoped that this year will be no different.


Students who are recorded as being behind with their work are expected to complete an additional hour at the end of their school day. The same applies to those who are persistently late or who receive a consequence in lessons. It is intended that this will support students in making better decisions and ultimately allow them to secure excellent grades alongside a desirable reference.




Year 12 – wc 17th December 2018

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Year 12 – 11th November 2018

Year 13 – 11th November 2018


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