Key Stage 3 News

Assessment Week

Key Stage 3 assessments will take place during the last week of term. Information about the assessments has been sent to parents/ carers. Please take time to speak with your child about this and start to structure time for revision. Students were introduced to a new concept in learning and revision this week in assembly with the new “think it, know it, grasp it” to help them achieve the best results in their assessments.


Year 7 and 8 started their new levels of the PIXL Edge award this week. Year 7 are starting their Apprenticeship level and as year 8 finish this level they are being promoted to Pioneer. I look forward to the numerous projects which they will be getting involved in over the next few months.

Well Done

Congratulations are sent to Lara Speers, Year 7, this week after we received the amazing news that she had finished 5th place in an International Gymnastics Competition in Malta recently. This is an outstanding achievement and we look forward to hearing about many more of Lara’s achievements.


P Allen

Key stage 3 Leader