Key Stage 3 News

Key Stage 3 News

The focus in tutor time and assembly for Key Stage 3 this week was “Them and Us”. We focused on Acts of Kindness and concentrating our thoughts and efforts into establishing positive relationships rather than spending too much time worrying about the negative ones. This follows the “100% Classroom Bootcamp” at the start of the term and will continue to be a focus throughout the year.

Year 7 Tutor Evening – letters for the Year 7 Tutor Evening have been sent home with students. Can parents/ carers please ensure that the reply is returned as soon as possible and that students organise their appointment time with form tutors.

Rock and River – The Year 7 Rock and River trips take place next week. Please ensure that students are suitably equipped for the activities taking place, particularly in the event of cold or wet weather.

Extra Curricular Activities – the PE extra curricular timetable has been shared with students now. Please encourage students to get involved with as many activities as possible

Year 7 Science Club- this now takes place during Wednesday lunchtime. All students are very welcome.


P Allen

Key Stage 3 Leader