Dancer performs alongside professionals

Amy Finnigan performs alongside professional dancers from the Birmingham Royal School of Ballet

Year 11 student and a talented ballet dancer Amy Finnigan performs at the Birmingham Hippodrome. Amy secured the soloist part, the Fairy of Beauty, in the brand-new adaptation of Sleeping Beauty, The Sleeping Beauty Dreams.

The journey for Amy began back in September when she auditioned under the creative direction and watchful eyes of former Birmingham Royal Ballet dancers Jenny Murphy and Rachel Hester. Competition for the parts was high with some 161 dancers all striving to secure a part in the highly acclaimed production. Impressed by the eminence of Amy’s performance she was rewarded by being honoured with the soloist part and being part of the corps de ballet.

Amy along with the other successful students were joined by three of Birmingham Royal Ballet’s dancers, Yvette Knight and Edivaldo Souza da Silva who took on the main roles of Princess Aurora and Prince Florimund, and Rory Mackay who played the part of the Master of Ceremonies, Catalabutte.

Amy and the other students rehearsed together each week in Birmingham and most weekends too, to create the magical performance. Birmingham Royal Ballet’s aim is to recognise talent in the short time framework that they had. They worked with the students on extremely challenging choreography, pushing their own boundaries, and giving them the chance to train and rehearse with professional ballet dancers and instilling knowledge of the hard-working life of the Company.

This opportunity has had a lasting impact on Amy and being part of this project has been immeasurable, providing her with memories will last a lifetime.

As a school, we are incredibly proud of Amy’s remarkable achievements especially as she took part in this project whilst still attending school, keeping up with her homework, attending her local dance school, and classes as a Senior Associate of The Royal Ballet. We wish Amy continued success in the future.