Cashless Catering – Pay online

Our cashless catering system offers online payments at It is fully integrated so you can make payments quickly and you will be able to see a list of purchases that have been made.

We do not accept cash payments at the tills and all students must pay in their money at the cashloader located in the Mini Mall. There is only one cashloader and to save delays we would recommend paying online to ensure that the money is loaded correctly.

The updated cashloader accepts all new versions of currency.

New Year 7 students will be enrolled on the service during the first week of term. New parents will not be able to register for the online service until the pupils have been fully enrolled in the school at the end of the day on 5th September

If you have not already registered online to make payments please visit and sign up for your account. If your details are not registered on the system please contact the school from 7th September.