End of term letter – Summer 2017

July 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

It is with pleasure that I am writing to you at the end of the academic year.

Personal Development and Well-being

The School’s Personal Development and Well-being work is led by a dedicated team of leaders with particular roles.  Mr Lindley is the Assistant Headteacher responsible for Personal Development and Well-being; he leads the whole school project of 100% Classroom which includes improving engagement during lessons.  Mrs Allen leads Key Stage 3 which includes the transition of new students and a strong emphasis on character education.  Ms Bowers leads Key Stage 4 including GCSE intervention and inclusion.

Year GroupProgress LeaderStudent Support Managers
7Mrs P Allen 


Ms L Jones, Mrs D McCann, Miss R Moore and Ms D Steele

8Mr J Lewis
9Mr C Loughlin
10 and 11Ms C Bowers
Sixth FormMrs J DearyMrs L Hughes


The school is very proud of the attendance of the vast majority of students with our current attendance rate at 96.1%.  This shows that parents and carers have worked very closely with us to ensure that their child attends school regularly.  We know as a school that high attendance has a direct impact on the performance of students and their ability to be successful in all aspects of their school life.  Please continue to support the school and ensure that your child attends school every day and arrives on time.

Can I take this opportunity to remind you of the school attendance and punctuality policy (full policy is available on the school website) which parents should be aware of.  Fixed Penalty Notices will be issued for:

  • Unauthorised parentally condoned absence
  • Unauthorised leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • Unwarranted delayed return from leave of absence (without school agreement)
  • Persistent late arrival after the register has closed
  • Truancy, including attendance and exclusion sweeps (formerly truancy sweeps)

Please remember that the government will not allow schools to authorise any holidays and therefore all holiday requests will not be authorised.  Parents can apply for leave of absence for exceptional circumstances but a range of documentary evidence will be required to support any application and the decision will always be at the discretion of the Headteacher.  Any leave of absence that is not authorised will be liable for a fixed penalty notice.


 Students who will be in Year 8 and Year 10 next year will be in the appropriate Year Group for immunisation vaccinations.  Parents will receive a letter explaining precisely which vaccinations will be offered.

Extra–curricular activities

We are extremely proud of the many achievements of our students in a variety of areas, all of which have been showcased on our school website.  We hope they will be inspired by each other to achieve even more in the future.

Safeguarding of children is something the school gives high priority to.  For your information the named Lead Designated Safeguarding Officers in school are Mrs Murphy (Deputy Headteacher), Mr Oulton (Assistant Headteacher), Mr Henney (Behaviour Improvement Manager) and Mrs McGuire (Attendance and Welfare Manager).  Any causes of concern regarding safety of students from Years 7-13 should be passed on to one of these members of staff.

Arrangements for the end of term:

School will close at 1.10pm on Thursday 20th July for students in Year 12 who have completed all work required.

School will close at 2.00pm on Thursday 20th July for all students in Years 7,8,9 and 10.

The school bus companies have been contacted to arrive for a 2.00pm departure; however, there is no guarantee that they will be able to respond to this request, so students may therefore need to use public transport to get home.

Autumn term begins on Wednesday 6th September for students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13.  Students should report at the times indicated below.  This information is also available on the School website www.chesterfieldhigh.co.uk

(New) Year 7 should report at 8.30am to the Arts Theatre

Year 8 should report at 8.30am to their Form Rooms

Year 9 should report at 8.30am to their Form Rooms

Year 10 should report at 11.10am to the Arts Theatre

Year 11 should report at 11.10am to their Form Rooms

Year 13 should report to the Sixth Form Centre at 8.30am

Lessons will begin from period 4, followed by lunchtime, then period 5 from 2.00 – 3.00pm.  School will end at 3.00pm as usual.

Thursday 7th September

Year 12 should report to the Arts Theatre at 8.30am

School Gateway

We are continuing to improve the way we can communicate with parents/carers and students.  We will be enhancing our messaging system – www.schoolgateway.com which will enable us to reduce paper and improve the efficiency of our messages home.  This will include weekly news from the school, progress reports and examination timetables.  We have seen a sharp rise in parents/carers making online payments for lunch money and trips and we will be upgrading our cashless catering system to enable live payment and purchase information to be displayed on the mobile app and website.

From September students will be required to use the top up machine in the school canteen to credit their lunch money account, catering staff will no longer be accepting cash at the tills.  From October half term we will be no longer accepting cash payments for trips and all payments will need to be made online at www.schoolgateway.com or via the app.


I know that many parents have already bought items of the new school uniform either online or from the sales event at school with our suppliers “Emblematic” and the local supplier of uniform “Monkhouse” on College Road, Crosby for the start of the new term.  I would like to take this opportunity to remind students that we expect them to be proud of being members of Chesterfield High School and they should reflect this by wearing the correct uniform appropriately throughout the day, including their journeys to and from school.

The school has sent a letter to parents/carers with a uniform list and examples of shoes which are acceptable for school.  We do not wish you to waste money on items that are not part of the uniform and therefore inappropriate.  A list of the school uniform is on the school website.  Please read this carefully as we would expect you to change an item of clothing or footwear which is inappropriate.

Students are rewarded every day if they wear the correct uniform through the Club 100 reward system. For pupils to attend school trips and enrichment events they need to achieve a target number of Club 100 points.  The majority of our students are excellent ambassadors for the school and we need to work together to ensure that all students fulfil that role.

Throughout the year, a large collection of students’ possessions; either uniform items or other personal belongings, arrive in lost property.  Whilst every effort is made to return items to students, this is only possible when names are clearly marked on clothing/footwear or students are proactive in seeking out their belongings.  From September, we will keep lost property for a month from when it is handed in.  After that time we will send lost property items to a Charity Shop.  If your child loses something, please encourage them to report it to the General Office.

We continue to raise awareness of safety around school with students.  We cannot be responsible for the loss or theft of electronic devices or other valuables.  There are no secure areas in school for students to leave possessions unattended.  School cannot therefore invest excessive time in searching for lost items.


You will have either just received (Year 7 and 8) or be about to receive (Year 9 and 10) the final MOP report on your child’s progress for this academic year.  We hope that your child will be encouraged by the successes they have made this year.  We welcome comments from parents on the termly monitoring and reporting system.

A reminder that the dates for the issuing of external examination results are:

Thursday 17th August 8.00am   Year 13

9.00am   Year 12


Thursday 24th August


10.00am Year 11

11.00am Year 10

As always, this is a time for saying farewell to staff, some of whom have worked at Chesterfield for many years.

This year we say goodbye to Mrs C Sellick who is retiring.  Mrs Sellick has supported many of our students since 1999 enabling them to overcome barriers to learning and to achieve success.  We wish her a long and happy retirement.  We also say goodbye to Mrs Robertson (Senior Science Technician) who is leaving after almost thirty eight years’ service to the school.  She too has supported many of our students and science teachers during her long career at Chesterfield.  We are very grateful to her.

We will also say goodbye to the following staff:

Miss J Alman (History Teacher), Miss C Corkhill (Student Development Assistant), Mr M Cotterill (Mathematics Teacher), Miss H Curran (PE Teacher), Ms H Hinde (English Teacher), Mr D Jones (Mathematics Teacher), Mr M Millman (PE Teacher), Mr G Munro (PE Teacher), Mrs A Owen (Student Support Manager), Mr M Robertson (Head of Business Studies) and Mr J Scott (Mathematics Teacher).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their hard work and commitment to the students of Chesterfield High School and to wish them every success for the future.

We are pleased to welcome the following staff who will be joining us in September: Miss Craddock (Science Teacher), Mr Craney (ICT Teacher), Mr Graham (PE Teacher), Miss Harper (Mathematics Teacher), Mrs Mills (Mathematics Teacher) Miss Tattersall (Mathematics Teacher) and Mr Williams (PE Teacher).

Finally I would like to inform you that we will no longer be sending home a paper copy of the termly letter to parents with all students.  From September this will be sent through www.schoolgateway.com and posted on our website.  If, however, you require a paper copy, please inform the relevant Student Support Manager for your son/daughter so that we can provide it for you.

My thanks go to everyone who has supported the students so well this year.

I wish you and your family a very enjoyable summer holiday.

Yours sincerely

Mr S Penney