On Friday twelve Key Stage 3 pupils were invited to visit HMS Tyne which was docked at Liverpool’s Cruise Terminal. The visit enabled pupils to discover and learn about the different fleets in the Royal Navy and the variety of career opportunities that the Naval Service has to offer.

HMS Tyne is the first of a trio of River-class patrol ships built to safeguard the fishing stocks in UK. The ship is one of the busiest in the Fleet as she spends on average nine out of every ten days of the year at sea. Her main role is enforcement of National and EU fisheries legislation within British Fishery Limits. Tyne has also been designed to carry out a number of other tasks including – but not limited to – environmental protection, search and rescue and maritime security.  With a crew of just 42, split into 3 watches, the ship is able to patrol for in excess of 300 days per year.

Pupils: Ellie May Musker, Eleanor Edwards, Lewis Robertson, Kyle Gorman, Nathan Smith, Jessica Taylor, Jessica Howard, Adam Gorman, Kyle Roberts, Sydney Eames, Callum McCartney and Colin Gorman